A video biography of Mj Viano Crowe, painter, photographer, book maker, mixed media artist and more.     video by Tim Tolman, ttps://vimeo.com/8819959

"I BEAR WITNESS: Argentina, Egypt, Searsport, Maine"
Artist, Maryjean Viano Crowe and poet, Elizabeth W. Garber, collaborated for the 2012 Belfast, Maine Poetry Festival. Three stories are recounted: Elizabeth's indelible experience meeting with "Mothers of the Disappeared" in Argentina; Maryjean's obsession with the events of the "Arab Spring" uprising; and their combined activism locally opposing the construction of a 23 million gallon LPG tank proposed for the coastal village of Searsport, Maine. Artist, Viano Crowe and poet, Garber focused on women's leadership in fighting injustice with words, actions, and by bearing witness. They divided their video into three sections: Argentina, Egypt, and Searsport, Maine to honor these women.

"DRESS/REDRESS"Women's Studies Research Center, Brandeis University
"We've all heard the saying that "clothes make the man" (and the woman for that matter). But what does our wardrobe really say about who we are? The Women's Studies Research Center at Brandeis set out to answer that question in a recent art exhibition called 'Dress Redress'."